The Depression Diaries: Who’s a Good Boy?

That I would be good even if I did nothingThat I would be good even if I got the thumbs downThat I would be good if I got and stayed sickThat I would be good even if I gained ten poundsThat I would be fine even if I went bankruptThat I would be good if …

The Depression Diaries: Anything can happen if you let it

After an evening of sofa numbing with The Big Bang Theory, I awoke with regret and sadness for the wishes I have, the plans for my life that have gone awry, the people who I've hurt and disappointed, and desires for a future that felt rational and possible in my head, yet failed to launch …


Recently, in the struggle of moving from who I was to who I am becoming, the Universe took notice and became the world's biggest asshole Fitness Boot Camp coach who wanted to see just how serious I am about getting rid of my dad bod and firming up my core.

Hello. It’s me.

I have a dear friend, my first partner...the first man I was ever blessed to be in love with, and the first man I ever hurt to his core. We have, together, over the years been able to salvage from the wreckage and repair our relationship to where now it is strong, and solid, and with mutual respect and admiration. We have healed.